Engen is a pioneering job portal that focuses exclusively on connecting neurodiverse individuals with employers seeking to build diverse and inclusive teams. The platform's mission is to create a space where neurodivergent candidates can showcase their unique strengths and skills, while employers can tap into a rich pool of untapped talent. Engen aims to revolutionize the hiring landscape by facilitating meaningful and mutually beneficial connections.

Client's Goal

The Alchemists, a leading creative agency specializing in brand development and web design, took on the challenge of creating an inclusive and empowering brand identity for Engen. The task was to design and develop a user-friendly website that catered to the needs of both neurodiverse job seekers and forward-thinking employers. The challenge lay in translating the essence of neurodiversity into a coherent brand narrative and seamlessly integrating it into the web experience.


The Alchemists embarked on a comprehensive brand development and web design journey to build Engen's identity and platform from the ground up.

Discovery Phase

Understanding the unique needs and perspectives of neurodiverse individuals was critical. The agency collaborated closely with Engen's team to gain insights into the challenges faced by neurodiverse job seekers and the aspirations of inclusive employers.

Website Design and Development

The website was designed with accessibility at its core. User experience considerations catered to individuals with varying sensory and cognitive needs. Clear typography, intuitive navigation, and visual cues ensured a user-friendly experience for all visitors.

Brand Identity Development

The brand identity was carefully crafted to resonate with the neurodiverse community. A vibrant yet calming color palette was chosen to reflect diversity and inclusivity. The logo design incorporated abstract elements, symbolizing the interconnectedness of diverse minds.



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