Money Color



Money Color is an innovative financial product that aims to empower individuals with a deeper understanding of their financial habits and behaviors. Their mission is to promote financial wellness by helping people recognize their unique money management styles and make informed decisions to achieve their goals. Money Color envisioned a user-friendly quiz that would categorize participants into distinct financial habit types, providing valuable insights for personal financial growth.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create an engaging and educational quiz that accurately assessed participants' financial habits and behaviors, all while aligning with Money Color's brand identity and values.


The Alchemists approached the creation of the financial habit quiz for Money Color with a holistic and user-centric approach.

User Experience and Design

The quiz was designed with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. Clear instructions and visually appealing elements were incorporated to guide participants seamlessly through the quiz.

Personalized Results and Insights

After completing the quiz, participants were provided with personalized results that indicated their specific financial habit type. Each result was accompanied by a brief description of the habit type, including strengths and areas for improvement. Actionable insights and tips were shared to help users enhance their financial well-being.



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