Blind Harpy Studios



Blind Harpy Studios is a dynamic multimedia entertainment company specializing in crafting humorous science-fiction and fantasy stories for adult audiences. As a creative powerhouse, Blind Harpy Studios aims to engage fans through a wide range of captivating content delivered via real-world distribution channels and the innovative Ethereum blockchain platform.

Client's Goal

Blind Harpy Studios' primary goal was to establish a prominent online presence that resonated with their target audience and showcased their unique storytelling talent. They envisioned a website that would serve as a hub for their creative universe, offering a seamless and immersive experience for fans.

Project Scope

The Alchemists' scope of work included designing and developing an innovative website for Blind Harpy Studios. The project encompassed the following key features:

Content Showcase

Dedicated sections for showcasing Blind Harpy Studios' diverse range of multimedia content, including comics, audio dramas, animations, and written stories.

Mobile Responsiveness

Ensuring the website's responsiveness and accessibility across various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Creative Design

A visually captivating and dynamic design that embodied the essence of Blind Harpy Studios' humorous science-fiction and fantasy stories.



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