Sole Retriever


Black Friday Landing Page

Client's Goal

Sole Retriever's primary objective was to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website. The website aimed to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers, offering detailed product information and simple navigation. They wanted a captivating Black Friday landing page that would drive traffic during the holiday season.

Project Scope

The Alchemists' scope of work included the design and development of Sole Retriever's high-end shoe selling website and a dedicated Black Friday landing page. The project encompassed the following features:

Website Design

A visually appealing and luxurious design that conveyed the premium nature of the products.

Detailed product pages with high-resolution images, product descriptions, and sizing information.

Website Development

Mobile responsiveness to ensure an optimal shopping experience on various devices.

Implementation of an intuitive search and filtering system to help users discover specific shoe models and brands



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