Third500 contracted The Alchemists to do a full rebrand, website redesign, and implement Webflow.


Third500 is building the Emerging Growth Investment Bank — to embody the spirit of the innovator, to embrace their cause, and to empower them for the wonderous world they will create.

Brand tone didn't sound this good before we got ahold of it ;)


Third500 came to us with out of date branding and messaging that lacked a consistent tone. You can have a great product that speaks for itself, but without making the connection to your audience, eventually the hype will die down. This is where The Alchemists stepped in. We worked on a full rebrand, and company website redesign. The rebrand included a discovery session to review the brand, logos, fonts, colors, and a complete brand guidebook. Compared to their previous logo as shown below the new one really gives them a fresh new look while retaining the edgy and trustworthy presence they need to have.

Old Third500 Logo

Third500 has a unique name for an investment bank. In a 2000-meter rowing contest, the third 500 meters is where the race is won. A long way from the start yet far from victory, the grueling third 500 is when great teams become legends. When achievement is born of resolve. When potential yields success.

We bring out the creativity and genius of our clients and utilize it to create something totally new and amazing.

Let's Create

We uphold that effective collaboration and clear communication are paramount to realizing exceptional outcomes.